I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tips for intermediate

Yellow house
Nuke town
Radiation centre

Blue house
Nuke town
Radiation centre

Dear Yr 6's

Hi my name is Ethan and I'm here to give some tips for intermediate,

Be prepared for your first day.

1.Remember to bring lots of stationary cause your gonna lose some in the year.
2. Make sure to bring your P.E gear because you don't want to miss P.E

Make your ready for dodge ball

1.In dodge ball you have be on your A game if your good at throwing.

2.If your weak then ... RUN!!!!!

What to do in class

1.Make everyone laugh but not get in trouble

2.Finish all your work to do Friday fun

Your faithfully